Shubyatra is a mission to walk from Kashmir to Kanyakumari covering more than 4000 kilometers aiming to set Guinness world record. He has reached New Delhi, and his experience has been great so far. He met great people on his way and always slept in the vicinity of an Indian home. In the past, Shubham

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Travello is a start up which has recently garnered a funding of 5 million dollars. The total funding of Travello now stands at 6.8 million Australian dollars. It provides solutions to travellers for accommodation and navigation. Worklabs built a team management dashboard for Travello and revenues management system which tracks all the financing and accounting

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The Brew Estate

The Brew Estate is a well-established microbrewery in the Northern India. It serves quality beer, Worklabs promoted the Brew Estate’s USPs and benefits all over their areas of interest. The customers have become aware of the quality ingredients and the Brew Estate’s image is instilled as the premium beer brand in the market.

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The Aryan Holding Group

A point of sale system that includes loyalty points to get repeat customers. The Aryan holding group POS is an advancement on the other ones in the market due to easy access and quick functionality.

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The team is made up of passionate marketing, financial and technology professionals with a number of core competencies, including extensive experience building and using data-driven automated marketing programs, omni-channel communications, workflow software systems, intuitive web and mobile apps, and more.

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Meego provides solutions to the visitors who are in dire need of a tourist guide, phonetic services which are easy on their pockets and overall, provide an amazing travel experience for the tourist. The tourist doesn’t feel like duped and cheated off their money. The tourists can get call assistance at 12 midnight and get

Tree For Life

A mobile game which aims to plant billions of trees in the next thirty years. The Tree for Life is an organization with a presence all over the world. The organization works for a noble cause. We have garnered popularity for the Tree for Life as per the relevant developing countries.

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Hooter is designed specifically to track sales and sales agents’ activities on the application. Special dashboards where the salesmen can update their progress and their payments and incentives can be paid over by them.

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Xplora is a new kind of dating application where the people meet when they go for the same activities. Worklabs designed an app with a UI that makes two companions meet with the minimum number of clicks.


Wedding cart is a platform which caters to the people who are looking for complete wedding solutions. The wedding cart builds up a community for the suppliers who want to sell online. Worklabs made a seller management system for the wedding cart and a complete ecommerce platform.