How David Miami made three of year’s biggest Super Bowl Ads

Budweiser, Devour and Burger King; some of the biggest brands in the F&B industry turned to David Miami for its Superbowl ads. For an agency, getting a single Superbowl ad is a big big deal, an impressive addition to the portfolio- a career peak for the people working on the ad. Now with all that

SEO Trends

Best SEO Practices Of 2019

“We are gonna live Like we are telling the best story ever” – Penelope Stamp This hits so damn hard, that the audience is left with no choice but to stick through it.People look forward to showcase engaging content, highlighting the most relatable concerns but little do they know that they step over their own

Political Advertising

Political Advertising through the Ages

Campaign Advertising Politicians hire Political consultants and political campaign staff to influence the voters. In the European Union, many European countries don’t allow to broadcast political messaging. With advertising power, the wealthy front runners in the campaign gain control of airtime and distort the whole campaigning process. Paid advertisements are forbidden in UK and Ireland,

A great user interface

10 Thumb Rules for designing a User Interface

What are Design Guidelines? Design guideline is used by designers and developers of a company, in order to maintain a particular format throughout. Design guidelines help designers brainstorm creative ideas. It opens up new paths by implementing a principle but considering the flexibility of the rule as well. It enhances consistency, productivity, understanding and instinct.

Smoking image

How Advertising Made smoking look cool

Be it movies or even anime, we have seen the badass guy with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Cigarettes are often associated with rebellion. The guerrillas and the godfathers smoked, even in the movies. Tobacco Advertising made a huge impression on the people’s mind. How has advertising affected the image of smoking? Cigarettes were


How Xerox PARC is the organization that shaped the modern world

There are ideas sprung from the deep-rooted soil that shape the modern world, but the ideas are generally credited to a group of entities which copy from the source. This has been the case with Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) which has been inventing breakthrough technologies in the past forty years. Xerox Corporation was

How to create a Monopoly in the Market

Peter Thiel’s way Start small and scale upwards Peter Thiel is the billionaire co-founder of PayPal. Now in the late forties, he’s running Palantir technologies, a software company hidden somewhere in the woods providing help to intelligence agencies. Thiel has a really different take to business in his book, Zero to One, he stresses that